Hi & Welcome,
I'm Rita! 

Multi six figure net-worth Money Mindset & Manifestation Guide for established coaches looking to Become confident, Travel the world and Have financial freedom in the next 10 years.

Hi & Welcome, I'm Rita! 

I’ve been broke doing work I loved…

And absolutely miserable earning a tonne of money doing work I didn’t even like.

I jumped into entrepreneurship at age 22 for the same reasons as you: time and financial freedom and location independence.  

I started by following my dream to become a fashion designer. I adored the work…but I was barely making ends meet. So, I chased the money and got into clothing manufacturing instead. I ended up making the money – a lot of it – but it came with a price: I had built a business that tied me down to a daily routine filled with tasks I didn’t like! 

The golden handcuffs. I was trapped.

If you are hoping for consistent five-figure months. If you want to release the anxiety, envy, and fear you hold around money – welcome! You are in just the right place, and I can’t wait to support you.

Queue a pandemic that took away all my in-person business overnight, and I was forced to make a change. 

I realised that my external issues with money came from a much deeper (and a lot more mysterious) place... the subconscious mind. I was unhappy and unconfident in my abilities. I was using my work as a way to ‘prove’ myself – cause the harder you work the more money you make…right? (Wrong, actually!) 

I dove all in to figure this out – dissolving my subconscious blocks and trauma around money, raising my vibration to one of unwavering self-belief, and learning how to support others with these techniques that had made such an incredible impact on my life.

I’ve since helped countless women entrepreneurs feel abundant from within and reach their business income goals using everything you’ll learn inside Freedom Confidence Money. 


A free roadmap for coaches who want to feel safe and secure in their finances from month to month ~ especially when spending.

So you can stop freaking out every time you invest in something with monthly payments, joyfully hire team, and release your fear of struggling later because you spent today. 


← Right this way!

So that you can confidently charge higher prices, feel safe and secure with money and enjoy a reliable income without fear. 

Increase your capacity to hold consistent five-figure months in your coaching business and create a relationship with money of neutrality and safety

That sounds amazing! Tell me more.  


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